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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Design - Welcome Aboard!


Welcome Aboard!


Column By Krissy Millner of Terra Firma Home

As 2015 came to a close, I found myself reflecting on what it is I love about interior design. I realize there are many elements and considerations that are woven together to make a beautiful, happy home. Every day I work with basic design principles of balance, proportion, scale and color when approaching a design project, but it’s not just those elements that will make a space truly sing. If you understand the limitations of your home in terms of its era and architecture, have an open-mind and an adventurous heart, you can have a home that truly reflects your soul and style.

So how do you approach your home design and bring in true, personal style? I think the first question to ask is how do you want to live in your space? What are the adjectives that come to mind? Is it casual, modern and fresh? Edgy and artful? Tailored and traditional? Knowing where your heart is in regard to your home is the first key to great design.

The next step is looking at your lifestyle. If you have kids and dogs and a busy workday, then your home design should take into account all those elements when it comes to choosing fabrics or leather, carpets or hardwoods. If you are retired, you may want a space that reflects your life loves, whether it is art or exercise, books or botanical gardens. There is something wonderful about putting a home together in a thoughtful, bespoke manner. You can wander through rooms, remembering trips by seeing your treasures, or experiencing the warmth you feel as you see family photos. One of my favorite terms in designing a home is the word “provenance,” defined as “the beginning of something’s existence, or place of origin.” Isn’t that what home really is for all of us?

If your home and interior is well designed, it can add more to your peace of mind than you even realize. I have one client, an animal lover, who has the biggest heart for dogs, horses and the sweetest abandoned kitty she rescued from a shelter. We have turned her home into a hip, cozy, bright space where the dogs nap lazily while deer peek in from the outside. Her home is warm, cozy and filled with art that reflects her passion for animals. My goal is to always have that lovely sigh of “yes, I’m home” every time you walk in the door. 

So for this, my first column for Southern Oregon Magazine, I invite you to reflect on what your considerations are for your home, what adjectives may describe your style, and, to share these thoughts with your spouse or partner. Are your visions of comfort and style the same?

That’s when it really gets fun and interesting! See you next issue!



Krissy Millner moved to Southern Oregon with her husband Mark from San Francisco in 1993 to start their business, Terra Firma. She began doing interiors in San Francisco and has been using her talents for homes, boutique hotels and commercial projects. Millner has embraced the beauty of the Northwest and melds city style sophistication with casual, organic, comfortable interiors. She can be reached at www.terrafirmahome.com or her email is tfh@terrafirmahome.com.

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