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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Focus On: Paula Schultz

Paula Schultz

Award-winning freelance photoartist and owner of Paula’s Photoart

Since 2009, Paula Schultz has enjoyed transforming everyday photographs into her own unique style of photoart. Schultz's artistic and edgy style creates images that reflect her view of the world. She encourages people to envision the world beyond what reality presents and what the camera captures.

Schultz's distinctive style allows her to tell a story with each picture. People all over the world have enjoyed her images of dramatic black and white cloud-shrouded skies, darting aerial maneuvers, breathtaking vistas and colorful dance performers.

Paula's Photoart has won many awards and has also been published in Cowboys and Indians Magazine, Outdoor California Magazine, Sun Dial Film Festival, 101 Things To Do in Humboldt County, The California Snow Goose Festival, various state parks, The Aviation Historian (UK), Indian Country Today (NY), and now Southern Oregon Magazine.

She specializes in personal, business advertising, special occasions, community events and festival photo shoots.

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