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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Shining the Spotlight on Southern Oregon

Neck of the Woods


Shining the Spotlight on Southern Oregon

Marketing professionals helping local businesses succeed

(Part 2 of 4)

Story by Valerie Coulman 

Along with the many natural attractions of Southern Oregon, the area has a very diverse set of businesses that are growing and building their reputations both locally and beyond. Standing behind them is a group of dedicated marketing professionals who help connect them to each other, to their customers, and to their communities.

“Businesses are bombarded with advertising opportunities,” says Andrea Berryman Childreth, co-owner of Spotlight Marketing in Medford. “We help them find the most cost effective strategies for their business.” With an extensive background in marketing, Berryman Childreth feels that the best way to support her clients is to help them first identify what is working well. “Organic marketing is what we specialize in,” she adds. “And we work to source with different local talent to bring it together.”

For Laurel Briggs, founder and owner of Creative Marketing & Design in Medford, years of experience in a variety of fields have given her a feel for what works and what doesn’t for every level of business, from the small boutique business to corporate level marketing. “It’s great to be able to pass that knowledge down to my clients,” says Briggs, who particularly enjoys working with small to mid-size businesses and start-ups where she can work directly with the business owners. “New technologies and ways of doing things are always emerging,” she says, adding that helping her clients develop a comprehensive plan is central to her role.

Technology is at the root of one of the most exciting growth areas that Bill Maentz, founder of 5:00 Marketing Group in Medford, sees, as local businesses are beginning to take advantage of the boom in social media and internet marketing. “For the small business, it’s their best chance to compete in a global market,” says Maentz. “You can get lots of eyes on your message extremely inexpensively.” Berryman Childreth agrees. “We’ve been a little slow to come around to some of the technological advances,” she says, but notes that she is encouraged to see local businesses add digital options to their marketing strategies. “It’s been kind of exciting to see people try it and receive a positive response.”

It’s a shift that has influenced both the way businesses interact with their customers, and the way marketing business is done, observes Rick Moir, president and CEO of Lanphier Associates in Medford. “It seems as though there has been significant growth in digital agencies, specializing in only online work,” says Moir. “While this is an important part of doing business in today’s world, the traditional forms of communication are still a very important part of success.”

For Briggs, that balance has proven to be the key to the services and strategy she offers her clients. “I bring a unique mix to the marketing field as I enjoy and am trained in both marketing planning and strategies, and well as the technical aspects of design and website builds.” What has remained a high priority, says Briggs, is, how you present your business visually. “I see a lot of desire for great photography, original art, packaging, etc.”

With a significant rise over the past years in freelance business, and with the local depth of talent to work with, says Maentz, quality marketing at every level is an exciting process. Even though recent economic challenges had many businesses reexamining their marketing budgets, the situation also created opportunity, points out Maentz. “We have learned through that process to do more with less,” adding that helping businesses choose the best options to interact with their customers remains the prime focus of local marketing professionals.

Longevity, too, provides opportunity for these professionals to see the changes and growth in business in Southern Oregon. Both Moir and Maentz have clients that have been with them for over 25 years. “We build long-lasting relationships,” says Moir. “We have always worked with organizations that have complex products. We excel in helping them mine the benefits of their product or service, and effectively communicate that benefit to the customer. It is never dull, always challenging, and brings great satisfaction.”

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5:00 Marketing Group

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Spotlight Marketing




Creative Marketing & Design

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Lanphier Associates

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Near and Dear: Local Highlights & Favorites (306 words)

Marketing professionals are also frequently involved in the community, giving back to, and through, a variety of local non-profits and community organizations. Whether working with them to build awareness or donating their personal time to support area groups, “It part of a commitment to the community,” says Maentz.

Andrea Berryman Childreth of Spotlight Marketing highlights the local work of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI.org) for both personal and professional reasons. “My oldest daughter went through treatment last year,” says Berryman Childreth, and NAMI provided support and services that she knows are essential to Southern Oregon. Berryman Childreth has helped to organize fundraising and promote the organization locally, as well as sharing her own story at www.bipolarlemonade.com. “It’s very important to me.”

“For me,” says Bill Maentz of 5:00 Marketing, “my gem is Jackson County. The people that work in Health and Human Services, the Parks Department—they are really tremendous people. [Their work] sets the foundation for a good community.”

“Our business has sponsored Britt for many years,” says Rick Moir of Lanphier Associates, who was involved even back to the days of the Britt Playbill in the 90s. “There’s just nothing like eating some fine food in Jacksonville, strolling into the venue, enjoying a glass of wine, and experiencing a show from some of the best musicians.”

“There are too many to list,” says Laurel Briggs of Creative Design & Marketing (and president of Medford’s annual Art in Bloom). “I love the Applegate Wineries and Lavender Fields Forever. A day up there is like no other. Angelica Spa in Jacksonville is a must visit. Age Friendly Innovators are doing some amazing work here in the valley, and a new organization called The Family Connection has recently launched providing parent education resources to all of Southern Oregon’s families. I can go on!” 

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