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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lithia Springs Resort Gets A New Look

Lithia Springs Resort

A perennial favorite takes on a new look

Story by Valerie Coulman

For the past two years, Lithia Springs Resort has been undergoing a facelift and expansion, and this summer marks the opening of the new Hillside Suites at the resort. It’s a new opportunity to “take the waters” of Lithia Springs.

Lithia Springs has long been known for its mineral waters and their curative qualities, and was the first thing in Southern Oregon to attract the attention of Becky Neuman, partner at Lithia Spring Resort. “What I loved about Ashland, before anything else, was Lithia Park and the stream there,” recalls Neuman. A Kansas native, she was intrigued by the idea that a stream was part of a playground and when she learned about the water itself, she was hooked. “I was enamored with Lithia Springs,” she admits.

So when the opportunity to become part of Lithia Springs Resort came up, “I jumped at the chance,” recalls Neuman. After she and her husband Doug partnered with the resort’s founder Duane Smith in early 2012, they began work to expand the four-acre resort to cultivate a more spa-like feel. The resort now boasts a total of 28 rooms and suites, as well as a salt-water swimming pool and cloverleaf hot tub to allow guests and families to relax in an outdoor water setting as well as experience the natural mineral waters in their suites and on tap.

Lithia Springs Resort also hosts Waterstone Spa’s second location. Featuring a selection of organic products, including locally sourced scrubs and creams, visitors can enjoy the naturally healing mineral spring water and other spa services as well. “When I say spa,” says Neuman, “I think that’s the wrong word.” More than just an indulgence, she says, the benefits of the natural, curative solutions available in the area can be a very beneficial time for body and soul.

Neuman sees the appeal of the resort as “the graciousness of earlier times.” Along with Ashland’s Twist Home Design, Neuman has updated the entire resort, creating public spaces and intimate settings that mix natural textures and shades with modern elements for a casually elegant feel. “I love spaces to feel fresh and clean,” says Neuman.  

While summer presents the gardens at their best, organically maintained under the care of Jan Cunningham, the resort is open year round to make visitors welcome. “I always design for the winter guests,” says Neuman. While the Jacuzzi tubs for the naturally warm mineral waters are a welcome feature, the majority of the new rooms offer a cozy fireplace as well. “We offer a variety of experiences for our guests,” says Neuman, and rooms have charming variations that include kitchenettes, murals, patios and more. And all guests enjoy a complimentary breakfast, afternoon tea, garden retreats and gorgeous grounds.  

Lithia Springs Resort is also a popular venue for events as intimate as a romantic getaway for two, or for larger events up to 150 people, with catering available through Larks Restaurant in Ashland. The grounds and buildings provide a range of uniquely designed spaces like the Sapphire Room with its built-in bar and patio to the mural-adorned Citrine Room that opens onto a light-strung garden area.

Whether for a private retreat, or a family vacation, the newly renovated Lithia Springs Resort offers a place of quiet comfort to experience revitalizing mineral waters and to explore the abundance that is Southern Oregon.


Lithia Springs Resort

2165 W. Jackson Rd., Ashland


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