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Monday, October 20, 2014

Green and Healthy

Green and Healthy

Fit in body and building

Story by Mary Ann Bullard

Committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive quality care for patients, the Women's Center in Grants Pass takes healing environments to an impressive level. The 6,000-foot center, which proudly exhibits a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification, is a shining star promoting healthy bodies in a healthful building. Built in 2012, its many green features are designed to provide a healing environment centered on the patient experience while promoting renewable clean energy. The center illustrates beautifully a relationship between the built environment, ecological health and patient health.

Materials from nature were used to provide a comforting environment for patients and staff. Less-toxic materials were used including PVC-free carpeting, window treatments, energy efficient lighting, even dual-flush toilets, which create a medical office far different from offices in the past. 

Landscape design includes features of shared parking and topography, reducing paving and storm water runoff. Indigenous plants spring up between pathways and benches creating a tranquil ambiance both outside and in. Materials that came from the region were selected to promote a sense of place, showing the building indeed belongs to Grants Pass.

"We have two different businesses in this building," Rhonda Loper, supervisor at Asante Women's Imaging Center, says. "The partnership includes the Women's Imaging Center on one side which provides digital mammography, bone densitometry, breast ultrasound, lab services and a radiologist on site. The other side is the Women's Health Center of Southern Oregon PC which provides OBGYN care." Loper says the Imaging Center moved to the new building a few years ago because they outgrew their old building and also wanted to be closer to the hospital. "We work together to get patients immediate service; we work with the physician group upstairs."

Caring for women in a relaxed non-threatening environment is key to all patients. "We have a great place here with a fireplace, plants, little touches like a Kuerig coffee machine—all to help everyone feel comfortable. Patient care is our top priority—we do care deeply for our patients," Loper says. Also a medical tech, Loper's dedication to superb health care manifests in her soft voice. "I'm proud of the fact that everyone works together. Our main concern is the patients—we are here for them and for the teamwork." 

Part of that care is manifested in a mammogram program that provides free mammograms through the Connie Fiske Fund. "Women should get a mammogram every year after age 40. We don't want money to be a factor. We want all women screened." The facility boasts the latest technology in digital equipment, which has less radiation and is very quick. "People have the assumption that the procedure is painful, but it's really not." She explains, "Ten minutes for an exam is all it takes, then you can move on with your day knowing you've taken care of yourself."

She continues, "Everybody here truly has the patients' best interests at heart. We like to treat them like our family." 

Asante healthcare facilities include Three Rivers Medical Center in Grants Pass, Rogue Regional Medical Center in Medford and Ashland Community Hospital. "Between all of us we can take care of all the patients," Loper sayss.


Asante Women's Imaging Center

1075 SW Grandview, Grants Pass



Women's Health Center of Southern Oregon, PC

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