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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Find Your Fitness Favorite


Find Your Fitness Favorite


Column by Austin Cantrell, club manager at Central Point’s Anytime Fitness

Winter is coming to a close and spring is right around the corner. This means it’s a great time to get your goals set and make a hard push for your summer fitness results. But if you’re like most people, you have trouble finding the starting line and deciding which exercise will suit you best to maximize your time and effort. This article is here to offer a few helpful tips and suggest some new ways to implement fitness into your daily routine so you can achieve your goals.

Start off by getting to know your gym and diversifying your fitness routine. Seek out a trainer or gym staff member and pick his or her brain for some helpful ideas. This is an easy and helpful way to explore new routines or to help check up on certain exercises that may have slipped your mind. Checking in with a trainer is also a good way to ensure you’re doing all your exercises with proper technique and form. If conversations aren’t quite enough, scheduling a session with a trainer is always a great way to change up or start a new fitness challenge. All trainers and staff at a gym are there to help you achieve your goals. So take advantage of your resources.

If training isn’t your thing, then find a way to jump into a challenge. Trying a new class may be a great option for you. Classes are a great way to get involved with a supportive group that’s led by an instructor. They include a great team atmosphere where everyone is trying to achieve a greater fitness goal. Gyms offer a large diversity of classes that are sure to fit within your skills and goals. Check with your gym staff to find which class is best for you and to find what times will fit your schedule.

If classes and training sessions still aren’t getting it done, then use your time at the gym for yourself. This is what the majority of people do and there are still a lot of options for you. Most people find a routine in the gym and they just stick with it. This limits the usage of a gym and in turn the results you can achieve. When you’ve got multiple options, always use them. Mixing up your routine to include weights, cardio, and functional body workouts will always increase your results. Try to give your routine the greatest variety possible. 

The gym is a place for everyone and can be utilized by all. Do not shy away from a gym because you have fears or doubts about what you can achieve. There are plenty of resources and people that are more than willing to offer help. Use your resources, find something you enjoy and have fun on your fitness journey. There are plenty of avenues a person can take to start this journey, and finding the right one is much easier than you think.


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