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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Consistent Quality - Good Bean Coffee

Consistent quality

GoodBean Coffee

Story by Jenna Swanberg

Do you take your coffee to go, or would you rather pull up a chair and read the local newspaper? The choice is yours at GoodBean Coffee in Medford or Jacksonville. No matter how you take your coffee with GoodBean, you will be getting a great cup.

“GoodBean Coffee is all about consistent quality,” says Michael Kell, owner and founder of GoodBean Coffee. “We achieve this through hot-air-roasting our beans—producing a clean, rich and smooth flavor. In fact, we have won Oregon’s Best Coffee Championship two years running!”

Established in 1990, from then on GoodBean has only grown. Not only does the company have two coffee shops—Medford and Jacksonville—they also distribute their beans in over 100 stores from Southern Oregon to the Willamette/Portland area including Albertson’s, Sherm’s Thunderbird Market and Food 4 Less, Shop’n Kart in Ashland and many more. They recently received the green light from Winco. With GoodBean, you can get your coffee from your favorite barista or enjoy it from the comfort of your own home.

The Medford location recently extended its menu and is now serving beer and wine as well as evening fare. Patrons now can enjoy a great glass of local wine or beer with a tasty meal. GoodBean has paired up with Valley View Winery and Roxy Ann Winery for wine, and Caldera of Ashland for beer. Between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m., pair your favorite wine or beer with a small pizza, cheese and fruit plate or a bruschetta.

“We are excited that now GoodBean is not only a great place to start your day, but end it as well!” Kell exclaims.

For those who are tired of lines and the morning rush in obtaining their coffee, GoodBean has found a solution. They are creating an app where you can place your order from home, and when you arrive it will be waiting for you. The app makes it easier for large orders as well, such as an office. Just place the orders into the app, pick a time and they will be ready at your convenience. Ordering and paying is made quick and easy.

Take a seat, enjoy the atmosphere and have a delicious cup of coffee at GoodBean in Jacksonville and Medford.



165 South Oregon St., Jacksonville


3240 Hillcrest Park Dr., Medford



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