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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Building a house that smiles

Brock Built LLC

Building a house that smiles

Story by Paula Bandy

Photography by David Gibb


Brock Built LLC has an impressive resume. Three years ago, literally building from the ground up, Brock Scott began construction on his first home. Three-quarters finished, it sold. So, he started a second. Halfway complete, it sold. Since then Scott and his crew have constructed, and sold, just under 30 homes, about half of them in the past year. Their aim for this year is 17 to 18 custom homes, moving toward about 20 per year. Currently, there is a four-month waiting list. The owner and founder, Brock Scott, is just shy of 23 years old.

Raised in the Rogue Valley, Scott returned after a college football injury. Needing a job, he started working for his uncle's residential construction company. He soon realized he wanted to work for himself, so, with his uncle's guidance, began his first home at age 20. Obviously a driven young man, wiser than his slim years, he took to heart some advice from his uncle, and "that," he says, "was the beginning of where I am now."

His uncle offered him a choice. "Do you want to be the boss and make all the decisions or do you want to be the boss yet work as a collective idea team?" Since then, he has surrounded himself with sages of the building industry—many with 20 to 40 years of experience—and some who followed Scott when his uncle left the business. "Great mentors and a collaborative, open and respectful environment are 100 percent why I'm here now," he emphasizes. Other than a few, he is by far the youngest of a 25 to 30-person crew. He thinks they will become the third largest builder in the valley this year.

Experience is what Scott feels it's about, which is interesting coming from someone so young, who seemingly would have little. But our world has accelerated with knowledge and technology and the young are often the innovation of the new and yet to come. They live the experience by creating it. Scott has learned the tried and true method of hard work and continues to apply it daily. "You have to work harder if you want to get somewhere in life," he says. "I encourage all my crews to come up with something new—let's do something different. As someone young I have the opportunity to take advantage of the next phase. I've always felt you have to be different—be the exception—be the one out of 100. It's an attitude."

This attitude of being different follows into the fact that 98 percent of his homes are completely custom designed. "I don't want to build a tract home. What I do takes a lot more work. I build a quality home that is customized to what the client desires. It's an experience to me, not just a house. At the final presentation I leave a big bouquet of flowers on the kitchen counter. It's the little things in life that add up to so much more. To me, life is about the experiences."

Scott doesn't use the term 'green' because he feels it's been diluted, but emphasizes, "Everything I do is way above the minimum for ultimate efficiency in saving energy usage."

Standard with all his homes is personal time spent between the client and architect to make sure "they get what they want." Along with this is design collaboration with the interior designer who is there to help the client pull everything together visually and functionally. Again, it's about “the experience with the people, putting my heart into something I can be proud of. I have set standards, but can still compete with most builders. I've never tried to be the cheapest and I've learned people appreciate this. At the end of the day it's their home and they will live in it. I take it very personally what people think, not about me, but the experience they have with me. The experience is it. I want the house to smile."


Brock Built LLC



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