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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Starting at the top for each homeowners’ peace of mind

Pressure Point Roofing

Starting at the top for each homeowners’ peace of mind

Story by Valerie Coulman


As a primary point of protection for any home, very few people would think to put their roof at the top of the list. But in reality, a well-planned roof system not only contributes to the appearance and appeal of your home, it is a major player in protecting your home or business from water, heat, and even pest intrusion. It also contributes to the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, and in the prevention of mold and mildew.

“Roofing used to be one the trades that not a lot of thought went into,” says Brian Fisher, Vice President of Operations at Pressure Point Roofing in Central Point. But that has changed as both technology and materials have seen significant improvements in the roofing industry that are providing greater value, longevity, and peace of mind to home and business owners. “With all of the different styles, warranties, and improvements in materials, discussions are taken much more seriously,” says Fisher, and the increase in options are benefitting homeowners around the valley. The changes have also benefited their crews, he adds. “Safety has changed a lot and we are able to keep the worker on the roof safer now,” says Fisher, “and that is one of the better changes we have seen.”

In their 31 years of business in the Rogue Valley, Pressure Point Roofing has been on hand to see many of the latest upgrades in the roofing and construction industries as they come into use. Pressure Point Roofing began in 1989 (with David Judd as owner) as a company that restored or treated wood shake roofs. Since then, Pressure Point Roofing has grown to a full service roofing company that does most types of residential and commercial roofing. The move to expand from roofing to rain gutter systems, for example, was a natural growth point early on as these systems are closely connected in protecting homes from water intrusion. In 2009, Matt Stone purchased the company from Judd after serving as Pressure Point’s Operation Manager for nearly eight years and the company has seen significant growth over the past 11 years.

Part of their growth has included expanding their services to what they now describe as a “one stop shop” for a variety of construction and home improvement services both big and small, says Fisher. “During the time of Mr. Stone’s ownership, the company has developed ‘divisions’ to better serve our customers and to maintain the quality name Pressure Point Roofing is known for.
There are divisions for the residential roofing, commercial roofing, maintenance and repairs, and a light construction division that performs projects such as replacement windows, constructing timber frame porches, new and replacement decks, and various types of siding installations.”

Pressure Point Roofing has also grown in location and reach. “In 2010, Pressure Point Roofing established a location in Eugene. In 2017, that division became Pressure Point Roofing Eugene, LLC and operates with its own crews, estimators, and office staff. We are now able to serve customers from Ashland to Salem and from the coast to Klamath Falls. “

Any project begins with the customer. “Usually we are trying to help them decide what roofing material looks best, what will work for their budget, and what warranty best suits them,” says Fisher. “We want to help homeowners make an educated decision that is based on value—not just price. Stories abound, more like nightmares, of homeowners who got burned by a cheap price.”

Across all their divisions, Pressure Point has a team of well-trained and qualified professionals who work together to bring their best to each job. “We carry certifications with manufacturers so that our customers can get the best warranties available and our crews are trained in the best practices for those products.” But above all that, Fisher describes their 40+ employees as family.  “We are a large family, and the best part is all of the interactions we have is with each other and their families.”

That heart reaches into the communities they serve as well. “Pressure Point tries to get involved in the many communities we work in,” adds Fisher. “This includes everything from Habitat for Humanity, St. Judes, 4H and FFA fair auctions, Homes 4 Wounded Warriors, sponsoring kids sports teams and school fundraisers. We feel that it is important for us to contribute and give back to the communities that support us.”

Fisher says it’s the variety and the connections that are the best part of what they do.

“We have worked on and received awards for roofing projects up at Crater Lake National Park, built a walking bridge for a customer, installed a garden roof on People’s Bank, and a number of high-end custom roofs from one end of the valley to the other. But we do a number of our neighbors’ homes and take as much pride in those everyday jobs we do as well. We love working with our clients and the public. It’s amazing, but after 30 years you develop close relationships with people that you only really get to know over a couple of meetings. Once people let you in their home, there is a friendship that just develops.” 

Through each project, they pride themselves on being true to the roots that helped them serve the community through any size project. “Above all the certifications is the commitment that Pressure Point is going to do your project right,” says Fisher. “We bring comfort to the customer that we have their best interest in mind and are here to serve them in keeping their most valuable asset safe and dry from the elements.”


Pressure Point Roofing

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