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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

For the Love of Good Food and Hospitality


Hither Coffee and Goods

For the Love of Good Food and Hospitality

Story by Leslee Ryerson

Photography be Ezra Marcos


Ashland has magnetism for the exquisite and unique. What makes it special is the quality of people it attracts and the expertise they bring with them. The latest gem we found in Ashland is Hither Coffee and Goods. Husband and wife team Corrie Robinson-Reimer and Wesley Reimer honed their skills and exceptional taste in New York City, Portland, and at a Michelin star restaurant in San Francisco. In search of a slower pace and a great place to raise a growing family, we are fortunate to have them bring their talent, dream, and brand to Ashland. 

For Corrie and Wes, it’s not just about serving the best, but about supporting the local economy. At Hither you definitely know where your food comes from. Using the 300-mile or less guideline, Corrie chooses only the best, organic and natural, local as possible ingredients. She has secured contracts with organic farms, like Victory Garden, to grow year-round, supplying the ingredients used in Hither’s small batch, made fresh daily, menu items.       

Breakfast is served daily from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Coffee beans are exclusively sourced from Sightglass Coffee (a top 25 Third Wave Coffee Roaster in America)*. Cappuccinos and lattes are made with the freshest milk and cream from the Willamette Valley. Almond and oat milks are also available. In a nod to European café’s, espressos are served with a “sidecar” shot of sparkling mineral water.

French inspired pastries and desserts change daily, but what Hither’s breakfast is known for is Herbed Eggs. Incredibly light and fluffy, creamy and cheesy, piled high on top of house made Focaccia bread—dense yet airy, with a crispy crust—it’s amazing. A side of local greens makes the dish beautiful and more delicious—the crisp, cool, lightly dressed (olive oil and Meyer lemon) greens, compliment the warm eggs and thick bread. It’s the details of texture and taste that take you from basic to extraordinary.

The Biscuit Sandwich is also delicious—tall, homemade biscuits are flaky with a light, crunchy crust, generously filled with a perfectly fried egg, plenty of thick bacon, Calabrian Aioli, and Beecher’s Cheddar Cheese. The Fried Chicken (biscuit) Sandwich is made with hot honey, Calabrian ranch dressing, pickled fennel, and a side of greens. Crispy, crunchy, hot, spicy, and sweet—they have nailed the texture and taste combination again. Not your ordinary Avocado Toast, Hither Avo Toast is made with Brioche, Zahtar, Meyer Lemon, and a perfect six-minute egg. For Brioche, you can substitute their gluten free, super hearty and seedy, Hippie bread. 

The dinner menu is a condensed list of amazing dishes that change seasonally. Crab donuts with chive aioli are soft and delicious with a crunch. Similar to a croquette but way better, with a more sophisticated dough. Perfectly seasoned and expertly prepared steelhead is fresh and delicious, served with a side of fennel, citrus, and avocado. You can trust the duck breast with shallot date jam is wonderful as are the oysters with Meyer lemon relish. The clams with white wine, Calabrian chile butter, and herbs, or the Hither Pasta are all excellent choices.

One of the driving inspirations for Hither Coffee and Goods is Corrie’s love for natural wines. Hither is one of the only stores and restaurants in the valley that solely sells natural wines. Mellen Meyer sparkling wines are used in Hither’s cocktails. Beer, sours, hard cider, and wine are available by the glass or bottle. 

When you walk into Hither, you can’t miss the impressive, large scale, flower sculpture. Hither has partnered with Jacklily Floral to provide locally sourced, organically grown and gathered flower arrangements for the restaurant and a virtual flower shop and subscription. 

If you’re inspired by their great food, you can shop or subscribe to the Hither Larder Basket:  each month you’ll receive a selection of carefully curated Hither goods, including meat, wine, veggies, and baked goods.

Hospitality is the love of sharing the good stuff—and that’s what Wes and Corrie do. Their unwavering attention to quality makes the simple excellent. Every detail is thought out—even the cloth napkins and ceramic servingware have a story and purpose. There are no cutting corners, no skimping on the good stuff. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be delicious. But you do have to start with the best ingredients and have the skills to cook and present them well. Doing everything with love, care, and consideration is what makes the ordinary extraordinary. Whether you’re having a tea or coffee, enjoying a meal, or just purchasing a bottle of wine to go, you can feel the care that goes into the lovely products available and the sense of place that is Hither.


Hither Coffee and Goods

376 E. Main St., Ashland



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