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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Specialized service for homeowners in Southern Oregon

Claudio Alvarez Construction & Restoration

Specialized service for homeowners in Southern Oregon

Story by Valerie Coulman

Photography provided by Claudio Alvarez Construction & Restoration


When storms, wind or water damage a building, they do more that ruin materials, they impact a home and a community.

Fortunately for Southern Oregon homes, when disaster hits, Claudio Alvarez Construction & Restoration in Central Point is ready to get to work. As their slogan says “When BAD stuff happens, we make GOOD stuff happen!” and as their history shows the team at Claudio Alvarez Restoration is serious about these nine words. It has proven to be a tremendous benefit to area homeowners when unexpected damage strikes.

“Traditional construction is the foundation of the company,” says Daniel Varner, general manager for Claudio Alvarez Construction & Restoration. Founded in 1986, owner Claudio Alvarez spent two decades building the company as he provided new homes for Southern Oregon homeowners, along with building a solid reputation for consistent quality and integrity in the Rogue Valley.

In 2005, Claudio’s son Tim returned to the area after a career with the San Francisco Giant’s minor league baseball teams and a bachelor’s degree from Southwest Missouri State University. Tim quickly saw the need for a knowledgeable contractor to help homeowners navigate the challenges of rebuilding their homes after property damage due to fire, smoke, water, storm or environmental crisis. He became instrumental in expanding the business into residential restoration, insurance claims and mitigation services while still offering new construction and remodeling services. “Put in contemporary terms,” says Tim Alvaraz, now Vice President of Claudio Alvarez Construction & Restoration, “it is a unique hybrid, a combination of services that are similar to traditional construction companies, but with other unique services not usually offered in the construction trades.“

“Restoration takes a very different set of skills than construction.” Alvarez notes that they are often called into very stressful situations where different groups must coordinate to properly assess the situation. “We often arrive on site at the same time as the first responders. We must be sensitive, alert and careful to access their needs first. [Then] when we begin our work there are many restrictions and regulations we must follow to make sure we comply with those regulations while supporting the homeowner, so they receive the best result.”

After the initial assessment of a home or property’s damage, insurance adjustors continue to be a part of the restoration process. Alvarez’s company has developed strong relationships over the years that make them uniquely able to mediate the process so that repairs can move forward quickly and capably. “Each party in this scenario plays a vital role as a team member working towards the same objective – creating a fair and equitable result for the homeowner,” says Varner. “This takes a certain skill level and training capacity that is not common in a construction environment.” The biggest challenge, he adds, is the many hours of communication are necessary to keep each project on task.

As part of that communication, their company puts some helpful technology tools to work, offering homeowners an infographic timeline to help visualize the project, and using Xactimate®, a computer software tool that creates full-team communication through the process of valuation, estimates and assignments. “Insurance adjusters often use the same tool, giving us the ability to speak the same language,” says Varner. These tools help bring clarity to what can be a complicated process.

Along with their unique ability to stand in the gap between clients, contractors and insurance providers, the company offers a full range of remediation services, including certified mold abatement, LEED green building practices, and asbestos and lead paint removal. “Because of our decades of experience with renovation work, becoming certified in these areas of expertise was a natural part of our growth and offers our clients the ability to have one company handle all their needs,” says Alvarez.

Their restoration experience has impacted how they do new construction. “Understanding that many of the issues that cause restoration work can be proactively eliminated does affect how the company renovates or builds homes,” Alvarez says. “Properly installed safety systems, quality plumbing and electrical practices, and using high end products are just a few suggestions recommend by the Alvarez team when speaking with new clients.” 

Restoration work makes up the bulk of their company’s focus, with approximately 80% of their work being in restoration and renovation, and 20% in new construction. Whether restoration, remodeling or new construction, behind each project stands his father Claudio’s philosophy: “We never forget it’s your home.” Not surprisingly, their dedication to their clients and their commitment to quality work has earned them the Mail Tribune’s “Best of the Best” Contractors designation for the past three consecutive years.

The team at Claudio Alvarez Construction & Restoration currently includes 40-45 skilled employees who also give back to the community in a variety of ways. Claudio Alvarez Construction & Restoration has been part of building a safe home for teenage girls fleeing the sex trafficking industry, teaching and training high school students to build tiny homes for the homeless, and raising money to help abused women and children. “Both Claudio and Tim are active in the community,” says Varner, “and have a deep passion for making Southern Oregon the best possible place to live, work, and raise a family.”

In both new construction and in their comprehensive restoration services, says Alvarez, “We will do everything possible to take the ‘sting’ out of a trying and stressful time.” Their policy of open communication and teamwork has brought many buildings back to “home” conditions for families in the Rogue Valley. In each project and in each situation, as Alvarez sums up, “Our teams keep in mind that where they work is where you live.”


Claudio Alvarez Construction & Restoration

112 N Front St., Central Point



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