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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Country’s Club

The Country’s Club

A gathering spot with something for everyone to enjoy

Story by Jordan Marie McCaw

Photography provided by Applegate Country Club


During a scenic drive in the Applegate backroads, it’s more common to drive by wineries and farms than a pizzeria. However, the country is exactly where Cynthia Torp wanted to open Applegate Country Club. 

“So many people have become isolated these days––especially those of us who have chosen to live in the country,” she says. “What I wanted to build was a place where people spend time to connect with each other, and know that they are welcome. To make sure people feel this, I hire staff who really care about good food and people.” 

After living in Colorado for 20 years, Torp decided to change her scenery. “I was looking for a new adventure,” she says. “I wanted to live somewhere where I could grow organic veggies in my backyard. I wasn't expecting to be growing organic veggies for a restaurant, though!”

Applegate Country Club (ACC) isn’t only a restaurant. Torp encourages patrons to come and enjoy the bocce ball court, the in-house library for those seeking a relaxed afternoon or evening, and explore the garden. There are video games for children and adults. “I hope the public knows that we really put a lot of care into the food and the restaurant itself. Our garden is one of the Applegate's best-kept secrets. People's faces just light up when they see it. I want them to know someone built a place for them to enjoy.”

While pizza takes up the bulk of the menu, patrons can also enjoy salad, pasta and sandwiches. Overall, though, Torp says people come for the pizza. “Pizza is great family food,” she says. “It's easily shared, liked by almost everyone, and you can have so many different kinds of pizza. We like to make ours unique.”

Pears Are a Fallin’––one of the bestsellers––was created as pears were falling onto the property. It has fresh pears, proscuitto, mozzarella, goat cheese and pecans, topped with fresh arugula and drizzled with our own balsamic reduction. “The first time they made it, I thought the idea of a pear pizza was weird. It's been one of my favorites all this time though.” Another local favorite is the Meat Lovers, full of pepperoni, ham, sausage, bacon and ham.

Though ACC may not have a golf course on its property, it certainly is a club. “I wanted locals to feel like it was their club, and we live in the country. It's kind of an inside joke,” Torp says.Membership programs are offered that allow people access to several aspects of the property, such as a wedding venue, local art shows and live music events. Membership packages range from $35 to $1,000.

“We use our membership program as a way of connecting to our fans,” she adds. “It's not a moneymaker. We charge $35 per year for a family of four. As a member, you receive 10 percent off all food, you can reserve tables, get first notice of our live concerts, and reserve ribs on Sunday night. It's just our way to reward the folks who visit us the most.”

More than simply opening a restaurant, Cynthia Torp has opened a new space for a new community in the country. Just because many of her patrons may not live in a suburban neighborhood doesn’t mean they can’t be part of a community in their rural neighborhood.

“Almost everyone has a desire to connect with others and be part of something bigger than themselves. As our customers add their personal touches, or volunteer to do projects here, they become part of the ACC. The ACC is improved by everyone. It's not my restaurant—it’s our restaurant.”


Applegate Country Club

15080 Hwy 238, Applegate



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