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Monday, October 23, 2017

Supporting First Responders


Supporting First Responders

2Hawk Vineyard & Winery Releases 9-1-1 Wine

Story by Chris Cook

Photography provided by 2Hawk Vineyard & Winery


The new 9-1-1 Fund is an act of generosity that will benefit the whole Jackson County community. It was a natural choice for 2Hawk Vineyard & Winery owners Jen and Ross Allen when they were looking for a way to show their support of the community that so heartily welcomed them when they purchased the winery in 2014.

Ross’s 17-year background in law enforcement had given the Allens a deep appreciation for the men and women who often put themselves in peril to keep the rest of us safe. The new 9-1-1 Fund will support projects and equipment purchases for first responder agencies in Jackson County. 2Hawk will donate more than 50 percent of the proceeds from the 9-1-1 wine’s first release. “We made a pallet of this wine—56 cases,” Jen says. “We expect to have $10,000 to give away, and if it’s successful we will make more next year.”

The wine was released September 27 at a party in honor of National First Responders Day, to celebrate all they do to keep our citizens safe. Many first responders, their friends and family attended 

Medford Police Chief Randy Sparacino appreciates that this new wine is bringing to light what first responders go through. “Sometimes we feel as though we are kind of forgotten. It’s an expectation that we will always be there. I like what the label says: ‘To those who serve, who run toward danger, who protect us, who do selfless, life-saving work, we honor you through this wine. This is our tribute to your service, sacrifice, integrity, and dedication.’ This fund is a fantastic idea and it’s great that we have a local business that is specifically supporting first responders.”

Chief Sparacino also noted that Medford Police is a very fortunate department with support from the community and the City Council. “I’d like to see some of the smaller departments with smaller budgets receive support from this project.”

Captain/Paramedic Chuck Glose, Medford Fire-Rescue, says that while the Medford team feels very supported by the community, this specific program lends even more support. Captain Glose is especially excited that the 9-1-1 grants could potentially be used to help responders with issues like depression and PTSD.

"As these issues are gaining attention and becoming the focus of more research, it's becoming apparent that PTSD and it's many expressions—such as depression—are a huge issue for fire and police personnel. Ross has a keen understanding of this as a former law enforcement officer. When I hear of 2Hawk's desire to help our brothers and sisters in uniform, it makes me feel optimistic about a better outcome to a critical problem.”

Because of Captain Glose's 19 years in the fire service and time in the military before that, he and Ross have developed a bond and friendship.

“Ross contacted me about finding a local fire charity that he and Jen could support, but there weren't a lot of options," Glose says. "That's when the Allens decided to start something themselves."

Detective Brandon Bloomfield, Medford Police, says, “This is a groundbreaking project and an extremely gracious idea. Because the necessities are met first, that does not always leave much room in a budget for newer equipment or additional needs. There are always things—either equipment or programs—that would enhance our department and our employees’ ability to best serve our community. Extra funding would allow for the implementation of ideas and tools needed to keep the department on the forefront of modern day policing.”

There are a wide variety of needs that can be met with the grant funding. According to Vicki Purslow, Board Chair for Jackson County Fire District 5, “Grants like these could provide enough funding to allow every fire truck in our county to be outfitted with pet oxygen mask kits. Kits have different sized masks to allow our crews to resuscitate animals suffering from smoke inhalation. Kits come in all sizes, and can be life saving for pets ranging in size from birds and guinea pigs to cats and dogs.”  

To request an application for the 9-1-1 Fund, email info@2hawk.wine. The application period is October 1 to December 1, 2017.

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